The Detective and The Storyteller

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This is a late one for Vulecrise who wanted some Brookstrade and I can’t draw either even as chibis so it took me like fifty years and then I couldn’t come up with an idea so this is Jim telling a story from Sir Boast-A-Lot and Lestrade acting it out IDK I hope that you like it, Charlie! D:

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Ask Brookstrade

I believe that’s what you fans call us… right? What is it, a shipping name?

Anyway… Richard Brook here, just to let you know that you may drop questions into the ask box for myself or Greg or both of us, and we’ll do our best to get back to you asap! 

Obviously we both have busy careers, but we like to make time for you too! 

Oh, and we have some fun stuff planned too, so watch this space! 

- Rich x 

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Anonymous asked: What sort of things do you two do together in your spare time?

Eat Rich’s pasta, get in the way of him cooking, play Skyrim, Win at Tekken, lose at Racing games, wash my white shirt with a pair of green socks and turn it off-white…

Cook Greg his pasta, watch him play Skyrim and read books, let him teach me Skyrim and fail epically, stop him from ruining anymore clothes, appreciate musical songs and collect new items for my wardrobe.

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Who’s tumblrbot? Rich!

It’s just automated, Greg. Answer the question :)

Right now? I most want to visit bed. 72 hour workday.

Awwh. I want to go to America. For Broadway. …What?

Isn’t that all singing? Do you do singing?

Only in the shower ;)

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Name: Richard & Gregory
Gender: both male
Age: No comment.
Current place of residence: London.
Heritage: British

Religious/Spiritual affiliation: Atheist and apparently CofE
Pets: None, unless you count Greg’s Nieces.

Marital status: In a relationship //….divorce in progress
Sexual orientation: Gaay. // I like both.
Tattoos/piercings: None //None either
Glasses: Only on set // Pint
PC or Mac:  PC//PS3! PC at work
Mobile phone: Blackberrys
Do you believe in ghosts? No. //Not reaaally.
Do you believe in UFOs? Too tired for this right now.// I think there might be aliens….
Abortion: Pro-choice.// Same.
Death penalty:  No opinion.// No comment.
Gay marriage: Yeah? // right now? Divorce isn’t really final yet.